EräKatri polkupyörän kanssa sillalla

Wilderness guide Katri

The hiking town of Keuruu offers many opportunities to enjoy yourself and refresh yourself all year round. From the center you can reach the blaze of a campfire, the middle of the forest and the water’s edge in no time. You are warmly welcome to enjoy memorable nature experiences in the heart of Central Finland in Keuruu. You will find me to be a good guide and a safe travel companion. Let’s travel together with an open mind according to the season.

What kind of nature memories do you want?

One of the highlights of the summer is kayaking around the center of Keuruu. The beautiful Kirkkosaari round is Finland’s Heartiest kayaking route. Beautiful varied landscapes, pure nature, a suitable pace, a sheltered route and the underpass of 9 bridges guarantee that you will have fun on the water. Seen from the lake, even familiar landscapes look different. Gather a suitable group and book your own guided kayaking or forest trip in time.

Thank you for choosing me as your guide. There will be good times and safe trips.

At your service
Katri Tynkkynen
Wilderness and nature guide, canoeing instructor