Keuruun vanha kirkko keskuskäytävä, kynttiläkruunu ja kattomaalauksia

The Old Church of Keuruu (1758)

The Old Church of Keuruu is a local landmark built in the eighteenth century (1758).
Guided tours focusing on either art or cultural history and the paintings in the church are available.

Through the Museum of Keuruu, you can book guided tours of current exhibitions, the churches in the Keuruu region and local history
sites all year round.
Admission to museum exhibitions and local history sites is free for all visitors aged under 18.

Guided tours for groups (in English or Swedish): EUR 90
Duration: around 45 min.
Any admission fees and an invoicing fee of EUR 6.50 are added to the price.
All prices include VAT.

For appointment and guided visits in English, please contact: