The canoeing route aroud the town

The gem of Keuruu outdoor recreation is the canoeing route around the town centre. The route is about 10 kilometres long and runs close to the shore all the time.

Ahtola harbour has a café called Siipiratas and a Megamarket food and grocery store a short distance away, where you can find picnic food for a excursion. The Megamarket has a hamburger restaurant Hesburger and Mega Cafe, with a pier.

The first thing you pass when you go clockwise from the harbour is Tervanlahti (in english the bay of tar), where the Tar factory was located in the 1900s. In the right weather, you can feel the breezes of tar, which bring a greeting from decades ago.

The route continues along the western coast of Keuruu towards Ketvelniemi, where you will find the most beautiful bridge on the route and the monument to the sons of Herpman. On the northern side of the island you can experience peace and tranquillity. On the way, you can stop for a refreshing break at Kylmälahti beach.

Soon you will arrive at Kurkisaari, where you will find a family park for families, toilets and two campfire sites. There are three atmospheric bridges near Kurkisaari.

After a tour of Kurkisaari, you approach the centre of Keuruu and Kirjastonranta. In summer 2024, the Splash artwork will be placed on Kirjastonranta. The trail continues under the Lapinsalmi bridges, the latter of which is called the “bridge of love” and some have even hung their own locks on the bridge’s railings.

The tour continues southwards around Pappilanniemi and towards the Old Keuruu area. Old Keuruu attracts visitors with its rich cultural heritage.

The tour continues southwards around Pappilanniemi and towards the Old Keuruu area. Old Keuruu attracts visitors with its rich cultural heritage and interesting sites. The area’s churches, museums and exhibitions tell stories from the past to the present day. Soon you will see Ahtola harbour on the horizon and the destination of your excursion.

Recommended starting points: Ahtola Harbour (Kangasmannilantie 18, Keuruu) or Terva Pier (Tervantie 10, 42700 Keuruu).

Other paddling docks: Ketvelniemi paddling dock and Kurkisaari family park (Wegeliuksentie 12, Keuruu).

Route length: 10 km

Duration: 2-4 hours

Difficulty: easy. The route runs in a sheltered area in the immediate vicinity of the mainland.

Target group: all, also suitable for beginners.

Fire point: Yes, own firewood.

Boat launch ramp: Yes, several.

WC: Yes – Kurkisaari (24/7) and Keuruu Library, The old rectory, Ahtola Harbour and Megamarket and café during opening hours.

Shop: Megamarket (Kangasmannilantie 20, 42700 Keuruu)

Cafés and restaurants: Hesburger ja MegaCafe (Kangasmannilantie 20, Keuruu), Satamakahvila Siipiratas (Kangasmannilantie 18, Keuruu), The old rectory (Kangasmannilantie 2, Keuruu)

Attractions: monument to Herpman’s sons, Ketvelniemi bridge, Keuruu Old Church, Old Keuruu area, Splash artwork to be complete on Kirjastonranta in summer 2024 and Paddlewheeler Elias Lönnrot.

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