harmaa Kinkamon Pirtin savusauna

Smoke sauna -day

Learn about the secrets of an authentic Finnish smoke sauna at Kinkamon Pirtti.


11:30 am Lunch
Mushroom soup made with ingredients from nearby Kinkamon forest, nettle rolls, traditional rye bread and dessert berry soup cooked from blueberries picked along the elf path.

12:30 pm What to consider when heating a smoke sauna
Sauna master Pentti Hakala, who has evaluated hundreds of smoke saunas in Finland and heated even more of them

13:30 pm Birch whisk tying led by the world champion of birch whisk tying

14:30 pm Construction of a smoke sauna from the perspective of the licensing authority
Control engineer Mika Niinilampi

15:15 pm Preparing the smoke sauna for sauna bathing

16:00 Getting familiar with building a smoke sauna and deciding to build Finland’s best smoke sauna
The author of the smoke sauna book, Juha Telkkinen

16:30 Bathing in the gentle steam of the smoke sauna

The schedule works as guideline
Register by 1.6.2024, the first 40 registants can be accommodated



Smoke sauna training day 130€