Keuruu Ecovillage

Keuruu Ecovillage is politically and religiously unattached community with over 30 inhabitants and 53 hectares of land. It is situated near to the small town of Keuruu in the middle of beautiful Finnish countryside. The aim of Keuruu Ecovillage is to promote an ecologically and socially sustainable lifestyle in all areas of life. The Ecovillage is mainly sustained by voluntary work, and there are several voluntary bees, both national and international ones, during the year.


There are three phases in settling into the ecovillage:

  • two-day visit
  • two weeks trial period
  • six months trial period

After each phase the community meeting decides whether or not the person may continue to the next phase. After the six months trial the community decides about accepting the person to be a full member of the community.

During the phases one pays for rent and for food just like all the residents do.