Escape room

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Escape room game is a game where your 2-5 person team has one hour to solve the puzzles, find the answer to the game’s story and get out. This experience will linger in your mind and give you lots to discuss and relate to friends and colleagues afterwards. Reserve your game from: Game experience in…

GoKeuruu app

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GoKeuruu app helps the traveler to find services in Keuruu.

Keuruu Tourist office

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Keuruu’s tourist information has a common facilities with Tiltaltti Shop in Touristcenter Kamana. Touristcenter Kamana houses also a popular cafe/restaurant Pappilan Taverna, Annuli’s fashion boutique and Keuruu Art Museum with changing exhibitions. Tiltaltti Shop is open year round: Monday-Thursday 11am til 5pm Fridays 11am til 6pm Saturdays 11am til 3pm Sundays closed Brochures, maps, tickets to the city’s culture, events…

Paddlewheeler Elias Lönnrot

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Visit Keuruu follows closely to the impacts of coronavirus epidemic for the Keuruu region. The Finnish government has decided that starting from June 1 the limit to public gatherings will be increased from 10 people to 50 people. The ban on public events for more than 500 people will continue at least until the end…

Paddlewheeler Elias Lönnrot – history

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When the American Robert Fulton launched the first paddle-steamer in the United States 180 years ago, the phenomenon was known as ‘Fulton’s folly’. When the new Elias Lönnrot paddle wheeler first began services in Keuruu 1986, people were also filled with excitement over it; Fulton’s vessel  became a great success and so did the Elias…

Pihlajavesi Wilderness Church


Traveller!  The men of Pihlajavesi decided in the middle of the 18th century to build themselves a church and cemetary close by. The man in charge was the well-known churchbuilder Matti Pärnä-Åkerblom, and work was begun on May Day, 1780. In a couple of years the church was ready. The windmill on the steeple bears the…

Punnonen House

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Local society of artists, annual exhibition 22.6.-2.8.2020 Open Mon-Sun 11 am. -4 pm Free entry!

The new church of Keuruu


Keuruu Church (built 1892) Keuruu Church (Roadside) church is open in 2020 from 10 June to 9 August 2020 Daily opening hours: 11am to 4 pm. Free entrance. The Neo-Gothic church, designed by architect Teodor Granstedt, was completed in 1892. The two altarpieces of the red brick church are painted by the famous Eero Järnefelt.…

The Old Church of Keuruu


The churches are open 10.6.-9.8.2020 daily 11-16. The entrance fee to the Old Church is 3 €.   The Old Church 1756-1759 was consecrated (taken in use) on the 16th of June in 1758 but was not completed until the next year. The church was designed by Antti Hakola who was illitera­te (couldn’t read or…

The Old Keuruu area

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A summer day in the Old Keuruu area will tempt you to take a walk in the beautiful natural surroundings, to visit the museums and exhibitions, to enjoy a delicious meal or a refreshing drink as well as to find personal gifts and souvenirs in the shops. The Old Keuruu is an excellent destination for…

The Steam Locomotive Park of Haapamäki

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There are real steam locomotives, machines and railway equipment for you to see in the park as well as adventure and animal park for the children. The park covers an area of 6 hectares. Inside is a museum consisting of 70 (20 of which restored) old locomotives with their coaches. There are also miniature railways,…

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