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Welcome to Keuruu in Central Finland!

Tourism operators give you a warm welcome all year round. On these pages by Visit Keuruu, you will find information and tips for a successful holiday in Keuruu.

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Gravel cycling routes in Keuruu
The lakes, wildernesses and rural landscapes surrounding Keuruu with interesting stories are made for cycling.We have collected here a few…
Keuruu welcomes You throughout the year
In Keuruu there is plenty to do whether you are interested in cultural events or sports or spending time in…

It is easy to get to Keuruu

Keuruu is located in western Central Finland at the intersection of Highway 23 and Highway 58. We are a short distance from both Tampere and Jyväskylä.

See & experience
Experiences and things to do all year round.
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Aito vanha höyryveturi
The Steam Locomotive Park of Haapamäki
There are real steam locomotives, machines and railway equipment for you to see in the park as well as adventure…
Keuruu Market Square
KEURUU MARKET SQUARE Open Thu 8-13 and 1.5.-30.9. also Mon 8-13. Local season products, vegetables, berries etc. Located on the…
Punnonen House
Local society of artists, annual exhibition27. Open Mon-Sun 11 am. -4 pm Free entry!
Second-hand shops in Keuruu
KEURUU ANTIIKKIRENKI (Antique) Jyväskyläntie 1 B, 42700 Keuruu. Tel. 0400 842 744 Check the opening hours by calling or from…

Keurusselkä region 2022

The surrounding lakes, forests and wilderness with its nature trails and high-quality cultural sites and events bring many attractive opportunities for your visit. Visit our events, museums and churches, where you can admire maritime craftsmanship in stunning lake views.

Eat & sleep
Eat and sleep in Keuruu.
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Martin kammarit – Martin´s champers
In the main building of Haapamäki Höyryveturipuisto, there are three new double rooms with their own toilet and shower facilities….
kesäinen kuva hirsirakennuksesta
Keurusharju Apartments
Keurusharju apartments are located in Keuruu. There are 30 well equipped and renovated holiday apartments in the Keurusharju area. Apartments…
IK-palvelut (hotel)
COTTAGES & HOTEL The cottage village includes altogether 7 pretty cottages. Sleeping between 3 to 12 persons each, most of the cottages…
Miiluranta Villas
Located beside Lake Tyrisevä, this property is 7 minutes’ drive from Haapamäki village centre. Two villas, Miiluranta I (34m²) and…

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Activities and wellness in Keuruu

Keuruu is a city of lakes and forests

Keuruu got its first permanent inhabitants in the 1560s after Kustaa Vaasa had given his mighty order to inhabit the wilderness. The wilderness holdings of the people of Satakunta and Häme were mainly occupied by Savo plant growers, for whom the pristine forests of the area provided the most ideal living conditions.

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